Administrative Dispute of Lenovo’s Trademarks “LianXiang”2010-10-15

Judgment Document No.: 行政二审(2009)高行终字第1472号/(2010)高行终字第914号

Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lenovo) filed a lawsuit against the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) concerning Category 32 and Category 25 Trademark Administrative disputes of “Lenovo LianXiang and drawings”. Mr. Zheng Hong, representing Lenovo, questioned the review standard proposed by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board that "trademark originality should be taken into account in the protection of well-known trademarks", and reckoned that the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board confused the two concepts of "originality" and "significance" in the ruling.

The Beijing First Intermediate People's Court and the Beijing Higher People's Court both supported Mr. Zheng Hong’s opinions, denying the review standards adopted by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for many years.  The Beijing Higher People's Court finally canceled the objection review ruling of the defendant Trademark Review and Adjudication Board. This judgment was cited by several judges as a typical case.

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