CIPO ’s New Schedule of Fees for Patent and Trademarks2021-01-22

On January 1, 2021, the patent fees and trademark fees for the services outlined below will increase by 2%, in accordance with the Service Fees Act. 

Patent Fees:

Fee for applying for extension of time

Fees respecting applications:

  • Application Fee;
  • All maintenance fees that are over $150.00;
  • Request for examination fee (except for the small entity examination fee when application was subject of an international search);
  • Advanced examination fee;
  • Final Fee;
  • Withdraw notice of allowance and return to examination fee;
  • Reinstatement fee;

Fees in Respect of International Applications:

  • Transmittal fee
  • Search fee
  • Additional fee for search
  • Preliminary examination fee
  • Additional fee for examination
  • Basic national fee
  • Fee for reinstatement of rights

Fees in Respect of Patents:

  • Fee for requesting correction of an error
  • All maintenance fees that are over $150.00
  • Fee for requesting reversal of deemed expiry of a patent
  • Reissue fee
  • Re-examination fee
  • Fee for presenting an application under section 65 or 127 of the Patent Act
  • Fee to advertise an application   

Fees in respect of patent agents:

  • Patent agent qualifying exam
  • Entry on the register of patent agents
  • Maintaining name on register
  • Reinstatement on the register

As a result of this fee adjustment, the amounts shown in the Tariff of Fees in Schedule 2 of the Patent Rules may not be up-to-date.


Fees for Trademarks :

  • Application for the registration of a trademark;
  • Statement of opposition;
  • Application to extend the statement of goods or services;
  • Request for the giving of one or more notices under subsections 44(1) or 45(1) of the Trademarks Act;
  • Renewal of a registered trademark;
  • Issuance of a certificate of registration under item 15 of the Tariff of Fees of the former Trademarks Regulations;
  • Trademark agent qualifying examination;
  • Request for a name to be entered, maintained or reinstated on the list of trademark agents.

As a result, the amounts shown in the Tariff of Fees of the Trademarks Regulations may not be up-to-date.


For more information about the patent fees and trademark fees, please find the links below:


Source: CIPO

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