Service Scope



  Patent Search (i.e. prior art search, invalidation search, FTO, etc.)

  Drafting/multilingual translating and filing before China Patent Office, handling Office Actions, etc.

  Drafting in English /Chinese and filing before WIPO

  Accelerating the prosecution of patent applications (i.e. pre-examination, prioritized examination, PPH, etc.)        

  Multilingual translating the patent applications filing abroad, filing response to patent office actions, etc.

  Patent Renewal and Status Monitoring

  Patent Appeal and Invalidation

   Patent Mining, layout and Training

   Registration of Change of Bibliographic Data

   Patent Portfolio Management Counseling



Technical Fields



    Electronics & Electrics

  AI, Internet, Neural Networks, Semiconductors, Algorithm, Computer, Image and       Video Processing, Speech Recognition, Electronic Circuit, Communication,                Network, Microelectronics, Optics, Laser Gear, Software                                

     Biotech & Chemistry  

    Biological Products, Genetic Engineering, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 
    Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, High Polymer Chemistry,  
    Material Chemistry, Chemical Engineering            
     Mechanics & Physics 

    New Energy, New Material, Material Processing, Vehicle Engineering, Thermal 
    Engineering, Measurement and Control Engineering, Precision Instruments, 
    Electrical and Mechanical Engineering              
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