• IP Newsletter Issue 3, 2022
    IP Guide: - Latest Progress In Patent Open Licensing - Reform of Utility Model System Will Be Completed at the End of December 2025 - EPO-CNIPA Joint Communiqué: Chinese Applicants Continue to Designate EPO as ISA under PCT - Interpretation of "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening Diversified Mediation of IP Disputes, Beijing" IP Statistic: Significant statistical data of paten
    2022-11-22Read more
  • IP Newsletter Special Issue, 2022
    What's New: China's IP Statistics in 2021
    2022-08-29Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 2, 2022
    What’s New: CNIPA Terminates the Collection of Stamp Duty IP Guide: - Standard of Annual Fees and Individual Designation Fees for Design Patent Issued IP Statistic: 2021 Annual Report of CNIPA IP Insights: Brief Summary of a Medical Invalidation Case-- One of Top Ten Influential Invalidation Cases
    2022-07-08Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 1, 2022
    What’s New: China Officially Announces its Accession to the Hague Agreement IP Guide: - The Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People’s Court Released 2021 Annual Report - Notice on the CNIPA’s Adjustment to the Issuance of PatentCertificates Matters for E-applications (Notice No.472) IP Cases: -Dispute over Attribution of Patent Right -Dispute
    2022-04-08Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 4, 2021
    What’s New: The Interpretation of Guidelines for Trademark Examination and Hearing on Malicious Trademark Applications IP Guide: Failure to Pay in Full the Annual Fee of the Patent and the Surcharge Results in the Termination of the Patent Right IP Insights: Inventive Step Evaluation of Business Method Patent Applications
    2021-12-24Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 3, 2021
    What’s New: Explanation on the Draft Amendment of the Guidelines for Patent Examination (Draft for Comments) IP Guide: Determination of Evidence on Common Knowledge IP Insights: First Non-Contentious and Contentious CN Patent Linkage Declaration from Generic Drug Applicant
    2021-09-30Read more
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