• IP Newsletter Special Issue, 2024
    Newly Amendment of the Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law - I. Determination of Date of Delivery of Documents in Electronic Form - II. Restoration, Addition and Correction of Priority - III. Incorporation by Reference - IV. Examination on Obvious Inventiveness of Applications for Utility Model and Design - V. Request for Deferment of Examination - VI. Requirements on Partial Design -
    2024-01-08Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 4, 2023
    What’s New: - NPC Standing Committee Approved the Implementing Regulations of China Patent Law (Draft Amendment) - The Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents has entered into force since November 7, 2023 IP Statistics: - Patent Statistical Report on 10th Anniversary of China and Countries Jointly Building Belt and Road Initiative (2013-2022) -In Jan
    2023-11-14Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 3, 2023
    IP Guide: - CNIPA: RMB Fee Standard of PCT International Application Implements as of July 1, 2023 IP Statistics: - CNIPA Held Press Conference on July 18 Concluding China IP Work in the First Half of 2023 - WIPO CHINA: Hague Yearly Review 2023 IP Cases: - Tee & Howe Attorney-at-Law Scored a Historic Victory in UDRP Action for Baidu
    2023-07-28Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 2, 2023
    What’s New: - CNIPA: Press Conference Held on February 22, 2023 - National Patent Navigation Comprehensive Service Platform Officially Launched - National Work Plan for Administrative Protection of IP Rights 2023 Striking a Severe Blow on Abnormal Patent Applications and Malicious Trademark Registrations - Responsibilities of the Re-organized CNIPA and Market Supervision and Management Administr
    2023-04-26Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 1, 2023
    What’s New: - CNIPA: Electronic Patent Certificates Will be Fully Implemented Since February 7, 2023 - CNIPA: Examination as to Non-obviousness Will be Officially Introduced Into Utility Model Examination From 2023 - From January 1, 2023, Trademark Agencies Will Re-undergo Recordation Formalities IP Guide: - PCT Applications to See About 4% Rise in RMB Standard of Fee Schedule for Internatio
    2023-02-10Read more
  • IP Newsletter Issue 3, 2022
    IP Guide: - Latest Progress In Patent Open Licensing - Reform of Utility Model System Will Be Completed at the End of December 2025 - EPO-CNIPA Joint Communiqué: Chinese Applicants Continue to Designate EPO as ISA under PCT - Interpretation of "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening Diversified Mediation of IP Disputes, Beijing" IP Statistic: Significant statistical data of paten
    2022-11-22Read more
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