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Senior Counsel / Patent Attorney

Mr. Chen graduated from the Radio & Electronics Department, Beijing Normal University in 1982 with a B.S. degree.

Mr. Chen worked as a senior examiner in the telecommunication area with the CNIPA from 1985 to 2005, being the Director of the Division for Imaging Communication & Recording. As an examiner, he has conducted 1,300 patent prosecutions, and several patent reexaminations and invalidations.Mr. Chen concurrently worked as a trainer for examiners and participated in writing and editing training courses for examiners in China and from other countries. 
Mr. Chen was a member in a team responsible for the revision of the Patent Examination Guide, and he prepared the chapter on examination of business models.

Mr. Chen performed an assessment of IPR strategy related to HDTV standards in 2002 and participated in formulating the Chinese HDTV standards in 2004. Mr. Chen was an advisor for the Ministry of Science and Technology upon invitation in 2002. In this capacity he has made many research and lecturing tours to the patent offices of the USA, Germany, Japan, EU and Austria.

Mr. Chen joined Tee & Howe in April 2005. He is the manager of the Electrics & Electronics Department.


Technical Fields: Process,  Circuit,  Semiconductor,  Apparatus,  Package

Languages: Chinese, English

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