CNIPA will carry out CSP with KIPO for the first time in the world2018-10-30

A way will be open for the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) to assist each other to rapidly obtain high quality patents, improving the IP protection environments between the two countries and expanding the cooperation infrastructure between the two governments to protect trademarks. 

A patent collaborative search pilot (CSP) between the Republic of Korea and China will be in effect from January 1, 2019.  Under the CSP program, when an applicant files a patent application for the same invention in the two countries, KIPO and CNIPA will share prior art information and perform prior examination to the application before other applications.  By using the CSP program, the invention of the patent application filed in both KIPO and CNIPA will be rapidly registered through a high quality examination and be protected.  When the CSP between KIPO and CNIPA starts in January, next year, the Republic of Korea will be the first country to carry out the CSP with China.

The CSP is currently carried out worldwide in only Korea-USA (September 2015) and USA-Japan (August 2015). 

The commissioners of KIPO and CNIPA also agreed to newly build a cooperative system in the trademark field and the IP protection field.  This agreement has been made since the generalization function of IP was unified to CNIPA according to the reorganization of the Chinese government.  Based on this agreement, the cooperation in the trademark and IP protection fields where Korean companies demand a lot of cooperation is expected to be further strengthened.

Source: KIPO《중국, 세계 최초로 한국과 특허공동심사 실시》、CNIPA《第24次中韩知识产权局局长会在首尔举行》  

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