Jianmin LUO

Partner ; Attorney at Law ; Patent Attorney

Mr. Luo worked in Hunan Patent Agency (HPA) from 1985 to 2000, and served as the Minister of Technology Development. In 1995, he was promoted to Associate Researcher.

In July 2002, HPA was restructured into Changsha Zonekey Patent Law Firm and Hunan Zonekey Patent and Trademark Law Firm. Mr. Luo served as the Director of both firms.

Ever since the engagement in patent attorney work in 1985, Mr. Luo has handled a large number of cases about patent application, patent infringement litigation, patent re-examination, patent invalidation and technical license, etc. Mr. Luo’s areas of practice cover chemical engineering, inorganic material, organic material, biological material (including genes), medicine, agriculture, forestry, machinery, electronics, mechatronics, software, etc.

Mr. Luo was once the councilor of All-China Patent Agents Association. He joint Tee & Howe in 2005 as a partner and now leads the Tee & Howe Law Firm.

Languages: Chinese, English



Partner ; Attorney-at-law

Mr. Zheng is a PRC attorney-at-law specialized in the field of IPRs prosecutions and enforcement. Mr. Zheng started his career as an IP lawyer in the leading law firm King & Wood Mallesons in 2003 and joined Tee & Howe Intellectual Property Attorneys in 2007.  

Mr. Zheng’s areas of practice cover counseling on trademark, domain name, copyright, unfair competition law and patent infringement, including advising on securing and defending IP rights, taking legal actions against bad faith applications, counterfeits and infringing acts, negotiating for acquisition of trademarks, licensing and handling UDRP actions. Mr. Zheng is particularly experienced in the areas of trademark enforcement and litigations and has been representing many well-known brand owners and MNCs in developing their branding strategy and protecting their IPRs in China.

Mr. Zheng has acted for many multinationals in managing and protecting trademark portfolios in China and handled hundreds of trademark prosecution cases. Mr. Zheng has also represented many leading companies in over 170 civil and administrative litigations in China, some of which were widely recognized as landmark cases in the IP field. For instance, the trademark dispute between Shandong Qiluzhonghe Technology Co., Ltd. vs Qilu Securities before PRC Supreme Court was selected among guiding trademark cases in 2012 PRC Supreme Court IP Case Trial Guidance (Volume 4) and 2018 Selections of PRC Supreme Court Judicial Perspectives. The Short Video UI Design Unfair Competition Case between Beijing Yixiao Technology Co., Ltd. and Leyu Interaction (Beijing) Cultural Communication Co.,Ltd. was ranked among TOP 10 Internet Unfair Competition Cases of Beijing Haidian District People’s Court and 2017 Beijing TOP 10 Creative IP Cases. The latest notable cases were 29 AMCHAM trademark series disputes between American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing (AmCham) vs American Club, in which Mr. Zheng acted for AmCham and successfully secured all its AMCHAM trademarks. In view of extremely great importance of AMCHAM trademarks, the Embassy of United States of American in Beijing expressed high concerns to the disputes and delivered a letter to Beijing High People’s Court. The case series aroused wide attention in the IP circle, for which Mr. Hong Zheng particularly published an article elaborating on application of Article 44 of PRC Trademark Law in China Intellectual Property News on October 19, 2018, which was also cited by People’s Daily and some other media. 

Languages: Chinese, English


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