2018 AIPPI • Cancun  2018-09-29

Known as the Olympics in the Intellectual Property field, the 2018 AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) World Congress was held in Cancun, Mexico on September 23th. Our partner Mr. Zhang Jie, patent attorneys Ms. Zhang Qing and Mr. Sheng Bo has participated in this Congress as Tee & Howe representatives.

Cancun, Mexico

The opening ceremony with full of Mexican cultural and local characteristics

During the Congress, intellectual property workers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world exchanged and discussed their opinions about world's hot issues of intellectual property.

Tee & Howe delegation exchanged opinions and took photos with other attendees

During the busy four-day Congress, Tee & Howe delegation met many IP colleagues and had extensive discussions with its old friends and new partners. The delegation has not only got opportunity of communicating and learning, but also got the best way to enhance mutual understanding and future cooperation. Four busy days has been fleeting rapidly, and this AIPPI World Congress has come to a successful end.

Tee & Howe delegation took photos with the next president

Closing ceremony

The 2019 AIPPI WorldCongress will be held in London. And it will be held in Asia, Hangzhou in 2020.

Source of the pictures: Tee & Howe attorney Mr. Sheng Bo.

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