2019 Tee & Howe Fifteenth Anniversary2019-01-28

On January 25th , 2019, the 15th Anniversary Meeting of Tee & Howe Intellectual Property Attorneys was officially opened under everyone's expectation.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, CEO Zhang Tianshu made a simple review and summary of Tee & Howe 's development during the past 15 years, and expressed deep appreciation to all colleagues for their continuous hard-work and efforts in the past few year.

In the past 2018, Tee & Howe has been adhering to its faith of " Faithfulness, Reliability, Dedication and Diligence " to provide professional services for every client. Whether they are patent attorneys or process administrators, whether it is for drafting, translating, submitting applications or OA’s transfer and comments, Tee & Howe’s every employee has always taken it seriously and strived for the best services and results.

With the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, Tee & Howe has got good progress in 2018. In terms of patent applications, the total number of applications increased by 27% year-on-year; the number of domestic applications increased by 40% compared with last year; and the number of foreign-related applications increased by 22% compared with last year. In terms of clients, Tee & Howe has newly established partnerships with a number of high-quality clients, and continues to maintain good cooperation with existing clients at home and abroad.

2018 is a year of hard work and full harvest for Tee & Howe. At this moment, Tee & Howe colleagues who have worked hard for a year are gathered together to welcome the blessings and prospects for the new year. 

As the new spring of 2019 is coming, Tee & Howe will continue to uphold the faith to provide best services for its clients; keep forging ahead to further develop business level and service quality, and will strive for a better tomorrow for Tee & Howe!

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