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From September 15th to September 18th, London time, The International Association For The Protection Of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) World Congress, known as the Olympics for the Intellectual Property World, was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London, England. Our partner, Ms. Gu Hongxia and Mr. Zhang Jie, patent attorneys Ms. Zhang Qing and Mr. Sheng Bo, attended this event as representatives of Tee Howe. The following introduction will take everyone to experience the grand occasion of this conference.

AIPPI· Impression                           

AIPPI is one of the earliest intellectual property NGOs in the world which was founded  in 1897 and the most important non-governmental intellectual property of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Its headquarters is located in Switzerland. AIPPI has more than 9,000 members from more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has branches in 68 countries and 2 regions around the world. The AIPPI China Chapter was established in 1982. The current president is Tian Lipu, the former director of the State Intellectual Property Office. 


The opening ceremony


AIPPI held a grand opening ceremony at the Methodist Church at 19:30 local time on September 15th. The number of participants reached 2,400. Ms. Renata, Chairman of AIPPI, Mr. Johnson, Minister of State for Science, Research and Innovation of the United Kingdom, Chairman of the Intellectual Property Judges Association and former President of the Court of Appeals of the United Kingdom, Mr. Robin, delivered keynote speeches and wished the conference a complete success.

In addition, the four-day conference also provided a variety of special events for the participants, such as a variety of special conferences, forum events, closing banquets and so on.          


The closing ceremony


During these busy days, our delegation not only conducted extensive and in-depth discussions with IP colleagues from all over the world, but also had an in-depth and friendly meeting with new and old partners.




Tee & Howe delegation


The AIPPI London conference has now come to a successful conclusion. The 2020 AIPPI World Conference will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and we look forward to meeting you next year.

Source of the pictures: Tee & Howe attorney Mr. Sheng Bo                        

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