Focus on the 2020 NPC and CPPCC Sessions2020-05-29

As the number of patent applications in China increases year by year, the transformation of technological achievements becomes increasingly prominent. Let the patent right no longer sleep, become the voice of many representatives of the NPC and CPPCC.


Establish a Unified IP Trading Market

Deputy to the National People's Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Jilin Banking And Securities Regulatory Bureau

Feng LIU

Feng LIU suggested establishing a unified intellectual property market. The government shall formulate policies, build platforms, create environment, promote the construction of intellectual property trading market, formulate various supporting systems for intellectual property trading and circulation, give corresponding tax preference and other policy measures for intellectual property trading and circulation, unblock the channels for intellectual property disposal and realization, establish convenient trading methods, and realize national networking and online trading.


Set Up "New Institutions" to Promote the Transfer and Transformation of Achievements

Member of CPPCC National Committee, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology

Yuliang ZHAO

In recent years, China's basic scientific research has stepped into the forefront of the world in many fields, and achieved remarkable achievements in nano, chemistry, materials, quantum and other fields. The number of papers, citations and patent applications ranked first in the world, but the shortage of core technologies has not fundamentally changed.

The main reason is that the scientific and technological innovation chain is not complete. Scientific and technological innovation chain generally includes basic research, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, product development and so on. The publication of scientific research papers and patent applications of basic research are the business of universities and scientific research institutes, while the development of products is the business of industrial enterprises. In contrast, the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements are very weak, and many basic research achievements cannot be translated into reality.

Yuliang ZHAO suggested that "new institutions" should be explored, namely the establishment of an national Institute of Technological Change, focusing on the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, the government should promote greater integration and maintain stability and strong support, so that scientific discoveries and institutional advantages will form a strong synergy and enhance China's scientific and technological innovation strength.


Utilize Technology Market and Capital Market to Realize Achievement Transformation

Member of CPPCC National Committee, academician of Chinese academy of sciences, professor of the University of Science and Technology of China

Jianwei PAN

Jianwei PAN suggested that we should improve China's independent scientific and technological innovation system, form a systematic layout oriented to the long-term goal of science and technology from the source of basic research, and establish a scientific and technological financial system to promote innovation.

In terms of basic research, Jianwei PAN considered that in addition to increasing support, we should also encourage and support the overall development thinking of "attaching equal importance to theory and experimental practice, science and technology". As for applied research and transformation of achievements, he suggested that enterprises be encouraged to directly invest in cutting-edge basic research and R&D of key technologies from the policy level, and more flexible funding methods should be used to stimulate innovation vitality. In order to ensure the enthusiasm of enterprises, it is necessary to formulate a mechanism for interest sharing and distribution among relevant parties in various forms such as achievement transfer and equity allocation, make full use of technology market and capital market, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


Source: China Securities Journal, Science and Technology Daily

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