IP Newsletter Issue 1, 20232023-02-10

What’s New:

- CNIPA: Electronic Patent Certificates Will be Fully Implemented Since February 7, 2023

- CNIPA: Examination as to Non-obviousness Will be Officially Introduced Into Utility Model Examination From 2023

- From January 1, 2023, Trademark Agencies Will Re-undergo Recordation Formalities


IP Guide:

- PCT Applications to See About 4% Rise in RMB Standard of Fee Schedule for International Stage in 2023

- Standard to Judge Ownership of Service Invention-Creations by Former Employees


IP Statistics: Valid Domestic Invention Patents Exceed 3 million


IP Cases: Guidance Case in IP Administration and Law Enforcement Released by the CNIPA


IP Insights: Primary Amendments in the Draft Revisions to the Trademark Law of the People Republic of China

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