SIKA AG vs. Hangzhou Jessica Chemical Co., Ltd.2018-01-05

Hangzhou West Lake District People’s Court of Zhejiang Province accepted a lawsuit filed by SIKA AG against Hangzhou Jessica Chemical Co., Ltd. for infringement of trademark right and unfair competition on March 3rd, 2016. As the representatives of SIKA AG, Mr. Luo Jianmin and Mr. Zheng Hong attended the lawsuit.

Hangzhou West Lake District People’s Court issued a Paper of Civil Mediation on December 8th, 2017, which declares that the plaintiff and the defendant have reached the following agreement under the mediation of the Court: since the plaintiff does not produce the coupling agent which is a main product of the defendant, the plaintiff allows the defendant to use the trade name “杰西卡”, but not in an eye-catching way; the defendant shall not produce competitive goods in relation to the plaintiff (details shall be negotiated by the two parties), and the plaintiff has the right to request the defendant to change the trade name “杰西卡”if the defendant violates the agreement; and the defendant is requested to pay a reasonable expense RMB 200,000 (have paid) to the plaintiff.

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