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Jiancheng ZENG
Partner / Patent Attorney

Mr. Zeng graduated from Tongji University, Shanghai with a B.S. degree in Material Science in 1985 and obtained a M.S. degree from the same university in 1987. 
While serving as a patent attorney with the Shanghai Patent & Trademark Agency during the period of 1987-1992, he successfully handled patent applications and litigations and became an experienced agent for clients at home and abroad. 
After studying at the University of Technology Darmstadt, Germany, Mr. Zeng worked with Patentconsult Blumbach Kramer & Partner, a German IP Law firm in Wiesbaden, from 1997 to 1998, and as a patent engineer in the IP Department of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co., a German electrical company from 1998 to 1999. He then served as a leader of the German Office of a Chinese law firm from 1999-2006. 
With his expertise in the practice of intellectual property laws both of China and Europe, Mr. Zeng joined Tee & Howe as a partner heading Tee & Howe’s European Office in Hannover, Germany, to give clients special consultation on IP matters. 
Mr. Zeng’s membership includes All-China Patent Agents Association, Association of Patent Professionals in Industry in Germany (VPP), GRUR and AIPPI Germany. 


Languages: Chinese, German, English 

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