• Local IP Administrations Admits 13,800 Patent Infringement Cases in First Half
    China's local IP administrations executed the administrative adjudication of patent infringement disputes steadily in the first half of 2021, with an eye on key spots of both online and offline areas, key links and crucial periods including the May Day and the Dragon Boat Festival holidays by consolidating resources which has evidently paid dividends. A total of 13,800 patent infringement cases were admitted in d
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  • Foreigners have more patents granted in first half
    China saw the number of patents granted to foreigners and the number of trademarks registered by them grow rapidly in the first half of this year, showing foreign enterprises are optimistic about the Chinese business environment, an official from the country's top intellectual property regulator said on Wednesday. From January to June, 339,000 patents for inventions were granted in China, with 54,000 granted t
    2021-07-15Read more
  • Notice from the EPO concerning exemption under Rule 141(2) EPC from filing a copy of the search results
    1.Rule 141(2) EPCprovides that a copy of the search results underRule 141(1) EPCis deemed to be duly filed if it is available to the European Patent Office (EPO) and to be included in the file of the European patent application under the conditions determined by the President of the EPO. 2. Following a decision of the President of the EPO, the EPO includes the above-mentioned copy in the file of a European patent
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  • Hong Kong approves first standard patent by original grant
    Hong Kong has approved its first-ever standard patent under a new system aimed at encouraging original patents as the global financial hub also aims high in innovation and technology. The invention, involving the use of artificial intelligence to manage inventory in an e-commerce system, was granted earlier this week under the original grant patent (OGP) system, according to the Intellectual Property Department of
    2021-06-05Read more
  • China's patent grants, applications grow in B&R countries
    More than 4,200 Chinese patents were granted by 26 countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative in 2020, up 19.3 percent year-on-year, sources with the National Intellectual Property Administration said Thursday. China's published patent applications also saw an increase of 17.1 percent year-on-year, reaching 6,198 in 22 Belt and Road countries last year. The Republic of Korea received the most C
    2021-05-14Read more
  • Top 10 Patent Reexamination & Invalidation Cases in 2020 Announced
    On April 26, CNIPA announced the top 10 patent reexamination & invalidation cases in 2020 at the Open Day event. At the 25th Group Study Session of the Political Bureau of the 19th CPC Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed strengthening IP protection comprehensively, stimulating the innovation vitality of the whole society, and promoting the construction of a new development pattern. As a pr
    2021-04-29Read more
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