• Amended Patent Law Draft to Be Submitted for NPC Deliberation in 2018
    The State Council Legislation Plan for 2018 was released recently. The Plan specified that, in order to act upon new development philosophy and construct a modern economy system, four drafts of laws including the amended Patent Law would be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) for deliberation while 11 lower-hierarchy Regulations including the Patent Representation Regula
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  • Premier Li Keqiang: 'Punitive Damages to be Awarded' for Stronger IPR Protection
    The 13th National People's Congress opened its first session on March 5 at the Great Hall of People in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang delivered a government's work report on behalf of the State Council. As for the "proposal for the work of government" in 2018, Li noted that moving faster to make China a country of innovators. The latest global revolution in science and technology and industrial transfo
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  • China's top court vows to step up IPR protection
    China's top court pledged on Thursday to increase efforts to tackle intellectual property rights infringements, after the central government unveiled guidelines on IPR protection. "Judicial protection of IPR must be strengthened, including handling of disputes in innovative ways," said Tao Kaiyuan, vice-president in charge of IPR case hearings for the Supreme People's Court. She made the remar
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  • China No 1 in world patent applications for graphene tech
    China is one of the world's most dynamic innovators in the research and application of graphene technology, contributing more than half of the global patent applications in the sector, according to a report recently unveiled by the China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry. According to the Global Graphene Industry Report 2017, 58 percent of the world's graphene patent applications are from China.
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  • The catalogue of key IPR support industries released
    Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office released the Catalogue of Key IPR Support Industries (2018 version) (or “the Catalogue”) to identify ten key industries in support of IPR protection and development, which would help various authorities in different regions target the parts where the industrial development can be promoted with the support of IPR, the IPR resources can be allocated efficient
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  • Anti-unfair Competition Law Expands Rights Range
    Trade secrets violators now face up to a 3 million yuan ($460,970) statutory fine, after the revised Anti-unfair Competition Law came into effect on Monday. "Tough crackdowns on trade secrets breaches will help to create a business-friendly environment and promote businesses' healthy and sustained growth," Sun Jia'en, a legal expert in the field, told China Intellectual Property News. Trade se
    2018-01-04Read more
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